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10 Winter Wellness Wonders

10 Winter Wellness Wonders

Winter wellness includes taking care of yourself — mind, body and spirit.

The most wonderful time of they year can also be the most difficult time to keep up with your health and happiness. Whether it’s seasonal ailments, stress, the blues or declining energy levels, warm up to winter this year by taking care of yourself— mind, body and spirit.

1. Reclaim your calm– Make sure to set boundaries with your time and energy in order to minimize the anxiety of the holiday season. Try a three-minute heart meditation to decrease stress hormones and get blissful endorphins to flow. All you need to do is lightly rest your palm over your heart in the mid-chest. Then, inwardly connect with a high power or whatever stirs you. Breathe deeply and exhale deeply releasing pent-up negative emotions.

2. Mini Detox– Your body might feel like its running on empty, so give it a little nurturing. Skip the indulgence of sugars, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine and chemicals by taking a short break from potentially reactive foods. Cut out excess wheat, dairy and sweets to avoid empty calories and provide yourself with quality nutrition and supplements.

3. Hydrate– Water is your best friend during the winter and helps curb overindulgences. Aim to take in about 10 glasses a day. And have a glass after that second cocktail, and you will be surprised at how great you will feel. Hydrate your skin too by taking to the bath. Slip into a nice, hot bath with Epsom salts and some lavender or chamomile tea bags in order to supercharge winter-dry skin with moisture. The bath also helps you sweat and offload toxins, while also relaxing and calming the mind.

4. Clear your sinuses– Winter is an especially challenging time for the mucous membranes because of the temperatures and hot-air heating systems. We breathe an average of 23,000 times a day, and if that air isn’t clean and moist, the act of breathing creates chronic irritation to the mucous membranes and makes us more susceptible to viruses. Use botanical saline nasal sprays which have medicinal herbs to keep mucous membranes moist, wash out inhaled particles and have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Or use some highly medicinal eucalyptus oil to inhale from a tissue.

5. Sleep effectively– Getting your z’s has added benefits during the winter months. A good night’s rest helps regulate the hormones that control appetite and improves immunity, as well as regulates the production of the human growth hormone. So, eight to nine hours of sleep a night can help you lose weight, stay younger and be energized in order to avoid catching cold and flu bugs.

6. Maximize your minerals– Keep unwanted pounds away by adding supplemental magnesium to your holiday regimen. Magnesium goes into the cells and fights diseases. Get magnesium from foods like vegetables, legumes and whole grains, but obtain a little boost with a supplement in order to enjoy the calming effects and combat the less-nutritious food choices you will make. Make sure to also increase your intake of Vitamin D and Omega-3’s in order to steer clear from the winter blues and keep your mood elevated.

7. Get moving– It’s hard to be motivated to exercise in the winter. Therefore, make a pact with a friend to take a walk or a jog. Exercise not only rejuvenates, but it can help keep the extra holiday pounds down.

8. Breathe easyBreathing properly helps control stress. So, this holiday season, the simplest and most basic way to control the stress is to breath easy. Try the Yoga Belly Breath, or the deep abdominal breath. Lie down on your back or sit with good posture and place your hands on your lower belly. As you inhale, push the breath into the lowest portion of your lungs so that your belly rounds and your hands gently rise. When you exhale, make sure your belly releases down and your hands gently fall. Continue this inhalation and exhalation for three to five minutes.

9. Sing a song or bust a move– The best blues fighter is to pick an instrument of your choice and play it, sing a song or dance it off. Melodic sounds and choreographed steps lighten your mood and provide the body with positive energy.

10. Nourish others– Make life about giving— not just during the holidays, but every day. It may be as simple as asking loved ones what they need from you. Remember that By nourishing others, you become nourished in return.


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About Elaine Sirt -Hastings, RD. National Nutrition, Energy & Human Performance Expert

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Elaine Sirt-Hastings, RD, LD/N, CSSD is the Founder of Associates in Nutrition and Sports Specialty and President of. Elaine Hastings and Associates, a National Expert in Nutrition, energy, supplements and human performance, a leader in the health, wellness, fitness and sports nutrition industries. Elaine is an engaging and informed Supplement, Performance and Energy Expert. Elaine is a go-to media source both nationally and internationally, with extensive knowledge in every aspect of nutrition. She has been a multimedia content contribute and media resource for some 20 years. Elaine specializes in human performance, wellness, energy, nutrition, fitness, eating disorders, sports and team nutrition. She is a highly sought after educator, author and spokesperson with excellent cross-cultural awareness. Being a former athlete and model Elaine knows how to help you Stay in Your Game! Stay in Your Game™ Eat and move for Top Performance in YOUR Life! …work. fitness. corporate. teams. athletes. kids.



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