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Food. Fun and Smile Saturday

Food. Fun. and Smile Saturday… Eat and Move like an Olympian!

Food. Fun. and Smile Saturday…

Eat and Move like an Olympian!

with Elaine Hastings, RD

Growing up in a small town in Michigan brought its challenges but I never let that stop me. Ever!

One thing my father taught me was that I could do anything I wanted.  He would say half-pint, “as long as you work hard and never give up, you will achieve your dreams.  My father was right!  We all have the ability to go for the GOLD!  The question is, Do we have the heart and soul for what it takes to reach beyond our comfort zone?  Don’t worry, you’re  not alone, at times I still struggle with this myself.

Eat and move like an Olympian 

As a 6 year old, I remember watching the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal and thinking, I am going to be a World Olympic Gold Medalist some day or if NOT a model would be fine too. Lol

I was for sure that I was going to be competing against Nadia Elena Comăneci in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.   Note to self, that would have made me 10 years old, I am a bit of an over achiever 🙂

Not to worry, 1984 would come soon and I knew that I could make the US Women’s Gymnastics Team.  OK, Mary Lou Retton beat me on that one; I guess I would have to wait it out for Seoul, Korea.

I practiced and believed the Olympics were in my future.  Until I became so ill that I could no longer participate as an athlete.  I am sure you’re thinking, so your father wasn’t right!  No, he was right!  I lost my focus and my drive.  I gave up on myself!

We CANNOT give up on ourselves, EVER!  I learned through this experience and I will share with you that we have it within ourselves, we just need to locate it.  Locator buttons anyone?  I am going to talk more about the keys to our life and how to use them in future blogs.  If your searching, stay with me and we will laugh, cry and learn to locate our keys.

Don’t ever stop.   Don’t ever give up.   EVER!

Olympic Style Breakfast!

Breakfast Pancakes
oatmeal, egg whites, flaxseed, bananas & protein powder & fresh strawberries.

75 calories & 8gms protein

Make Substitutions

  • Use low fat evaporated skim milk instead of cream
  • Saute with olive oil or wine instead of margarine or butter
  • Replace one-half or all of the white rice, pasta and flour with their whole-grain counterparts
  • Use applesauce in place of oil when baking brownies

Use Less

  • Use less fat than the recipe calls for (if the recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of oil, try it with 1 or 2 tablespoons)
  • Use less sugar than the recipe calls for (start with just a fourth less and see how it tastes)

Add Healthful Ingredients

  •  Add chopped carrots and peppers to meatloaf
  •  Add barley to beef stew
  •  Add sliced pears and pine nuts to mixed green salad
  •  Add berries to oatmeal or cold cereal

Serve Smaller Portions

  •  Instead of serving an entire plate of macaroni ‘n cheese, serve a smaller portion along with a salad and steamed veggies
  •  Have one slice of roast beef with one dollup of mashed potatoes with a large spoonful of steamed vegetables or mixed green salad

Try some recipe makeovers with your main courses and see if you can remake a not so healthy meal into a healthy, lower calorie option.

Stay in Your Game

Eat and move for Top Performance in YOUR Life!

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Elaine Hastings, Your Game Changer!





About Elaine Sirt -Hastings, RD. National Nutrition, Energy & Human Performance Expert

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Elaine Sirt-Hastings, RD, LD/N, CSSD is the Founder of Associates in Nutrition and Sports Specialty and President of. Elaine Hastings and Associates, a National Expert in Nutrition, energy, supplements and human performance, a leader in the health, wellness, fitness and sports nutrition industries. Elaine is an engaging and informed Supplement, Performance and Energy Expert. Elaine is a go-to media source both nationally and internationally, with extensive knowledge in every aspect of nutrition. She has been a multimedia content contribute and media resource for some 20 years. Elaine specializes in human performance, wellness, energy, nutrition, fitness, eating disorders, sports and team nutrition. She is a highly sought after educator, author and spokesperson with excellent cross-cultural awareness. Being a former athlete and model Elaine knows how to help you Stay in Your Game! Stay in Your Game™ Eat and move for Top Performance in YOUR Life! …work. fitness. corporate. teams. athletes. kids.


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